Our Past & Current Work

We have responded to the needs of the community through the campaigns, projects, and programs below. We are always looking for more opportunities to collaborate. Please reach out!

COVID Outreach & Emergency Preparedness Resources Distribution

We started with NO money! But through resourcefulness, creativity, and connectivity we collected supplies and raised enough funds to reach more than 3,000 individuals with our COVID prevention and education materials. We accomplished this through a combination of direct community outreach, working with trusted community leaders, and direct outreach events. This program is on hiatus pending the availability of funds.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program

In partnership with RCF Connects, the API Coalition successfully obtained a $24,000 dollar grant as a part of the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. This program supported coalition members (Rewire Community and Nepali Health Advocates) to conduct outreach and technical assistance to the South Asian community in South, East, Central, and West Contra Costa. Overall we outreached to approximately 6,000 individuals and enrolled more than 100 families in the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. This program has concluded this year.

AAPI CARES Health Outreach & Education Project

Our coalition was successful in receiving a $25,000 grant (allocated by the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors) to identify and provide outreach and education to AAPI undocumented immigrants. The purpose of this project is to bring in and enroll undocumented adults into the Contra Costa CARES Program which provides health access for qualifying individuals. Due to the state of California’s decision to expand Medicare for all - this project hopes to bridge this population into the program for long term services.

Laotian and Nepali Sexual And Domestic Violence Prevention (SD) Program:

Our coalition was successful in receiving a $300,000 multi-year grant from the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) Sexual And Domestic Violence Prevention (SD) Program. The coalition researched and designed a dating violence prevention program focusing on the Laotian and Nepali communities. Coalition leaders are currently organizing AAPI families to carry out this important program. This program includes a CDC research-backed curriculum and workshops empowering Laotian and Nepali parents to prevent dating violence in their children at the middle school level.

V58 West Contra Costa COVID Vaccination, Health, & Wellness Festival Event

The coalition was successfully awarded the Vaccinate All 58 Neighborhood Partnership Program to plan and carry out a COVID Vaccination, Health, & Wellness Festival Event for West Contra Costa County. We are excited to partner with our coalition of partners to provide an opportunity for community members to come to receive vaccinations and a variety of social safety net resources all in one event. If you are interested in partnering with us for this project (join us in resource tabling) please contact us.

The 2022 Inaugural Asian American Pacific Islander New Year Celebration Initiative

Our coalition was successful in organizing a workgroup of 30 diverse nonprofit leaders, county staff, and community members to develop the very FIRST Board of Supervisors sponsored AAPI New Years' Celebration in Contra Costa County’s HISTORY. This inaugural event has concluded this year but we hope to bring this back the following year establishing an ongoing tradition. You can watch the video at the CCHS website or at the down below.