Policy Advocacy & Platform

Through various listening sessions, focus groups, and research we have created a set of policy demands. These are some of the stances and issues we are in the process of advocating for. If you would like to be involved with moving these forward and bringing forth systematic change in Contra Costa please join our team!

1. Increase API language Access

Provide more CCHS/EHSD staff who are bilingual in API languages, who understand the culture/experiences, and can help provide interpretation. In addition, provide more translations of important health materials and documents in a variety of API languages and make them accessible to community members.

2. Multicultural Wellness and Welcoming Center

A Multicultural Wellness and Welcoming Center which will act as a coordinating hub where ALL peoples including API can be linked to the resources they need to ensure their wellness and health. Provide a multicultural, multilingual community health center for the API community where materials, events, information, services, and more are API-centered and available in multiple languages. Provide culturally responsive support groups in relation to COVID, health, education, and wellness. Provide a space for the API community.

3. Leverage existing relationship with other initiatives

Build on and leverage existing relationships with other initiatives focused on racial equity and inclusion (Office of Racial Equity and Social Justice, Gateways for Growth, Contra Costa Cares and StandTogether Contra Costa).

4. Build up Ecosystem of API Organizations

Continue to build up and strengthen the ecosystem of API organizations and nonprofits and develop resources for residents and resident leadership.

5. Increase Referrals to EHSD

Increase linkages to economic support resources with ESHD and provide adequate referrals. Provide increased linkage and support for economic support services (food, rental, childcare). Provide training and workshops to individuals and employers for how to navigate economic and health systems like EDD and other health resources to get quality services like specialty care.

6. Provide COVID testing and vaccine sites in accessible locations throughout Contra Costa

Provide COVID testing and vaccine sites in accessible locations throughout Contra Costa where there are flyers, signs, and workers of the same culture and spoken language present.

7. Increase API representation in leadership

Increase API representation in leadership at the county and systems levels and strengthen policies, procedures, and practices which will ensure and facilitate this leadership.

8. Increase and Establish API centered education

Increase and establish API centered education and education to support API individual’s holistic wellbeing and development (k-12 & support for business starters).

9. Public Transportation for API Community to Health Services

Public transportation for API communities to essential health services and providers.